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Support Grids

The support grids system is available in an assortment of framing options and designs as a one-piece construction or multiple sections for on-site assembly and easy of retrofitting through existing man ways. Its self-supporting structure is extremely resistant to collapse or expansion and can be easily dealt with even when the screen plate must withstand extremely high loads. They are used in hydrotreaters, desulfurizer, molecular sieves, gas sweeteners, ion exchangers and their absorption systems.
Features & Benefits
1. Accurate production and precise gap sizes, which result in the ability to carry heavy loads.
2. Perfectly smooth surface and high open surface ratio. 
3. Corrosion and erosion resistant.
Filtering tank, water treatment equipment, padding under the filtering.
According to your requirements, we can process and manufacture various shapes of sieve plates.  



Technical Data 
Slot: form 0.1mm, tolerances: ± 0.05mm.
Material: Low Carbon, Low Carbon Galvanized steel (LCG), Stainless Steel ( 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.).


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